ON-SITE & Remote Computer Service and Repairs
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Remote access (VPN, terminal services)Remote access (VPN, terminal services)

When your computer network has problems, you need them fixed as quickly as possible. What do you do though if your repair technician is 50 miles away on another job? When CompuTeam sets up remote access (or a VPN, a virtual private network) our technicians will be able to log into your network and make the repairs from another location and do it all without endangering the security of your system.

The remote access capability allows repairs to be made quickly and accurately without you having to wait for a technician to travel to you. That way you system spends less time waiting to be repaired and more time working and being productive.

When you run into a computer problem just think - When the chips are down, call us for immediate service at 954-297-0649.

Call us for immediate service at 954-297-0649