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Service and maintenance contractsService and maintenance contracts

Having to try and find a technician every time your computer has a problem can be an exasperating and expensive ordeal. We at CompuTeam can eliminate all the headaches and save you money as well with one of our service contracts. Whether it's for the laptop you have at home, your business computer or even a network of many computers, we can tailor a service and maintenance contract to fit your individual needs.

With one of CompuTeam's service and maintenance contracts you will receive our outstanding customer service and as always, the superb craftsmanship and repair skills that all of our customers associate with us. Our on-site, on-call repair will be glad to assist you with whatever your computer needs to have fixed.

Don't forget our motto - When the chips are down, call us for immediate service at 954-297-0649.

Call us for immediate service at 954-297-0649