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Wireless Internet networkingWireless Internet networking

Do you have a team of highly productive people working for you but you feel your office has turned into a bowl of spaghetti with all of the computer cables everywhere? CompuTeam can help reduce that cable mess by installing a wireless Internet network.

By going wireless you can have as many people working on the Internet as you want ans have no extra wires or cables to clutter your office. Our CompuTeam technicians can set up for you a wireless Internet network that can accommodate multiple computers without compromising the network's speed in the least.

Your productivity will never suffer because of us. Whether you need to start a network from scratch or expand your existing one, call CompuTeam and we will take care of everything for you.

Never forget - When the chips are down, call us for immediate service at 954-297-0649.

Call us for immediate service at 954-297-0649